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Online Counselling Services in Ontario and In-Office Counselling in Cambridge.

As all humans do, we are presented with barriers in both our personal and interpersonal lives and similar to you and the circumstances that have brought you here, sometimes, we require the assistance of another. Seeking such support demonstrates the courage and strength it takes to explore and confront the challenges you are experiencing. Our online counselling services are offered to individuals, couples, and families across Ontario. Also, if you are located near Cambridge, we provide in-person counselling sessions.

Virtual and online counselling services

Virtual / Online Counselling

We offer safe, secure, and convenient online counselling services for individuals and families across Ontario.

Anxiety Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Anxiety Counselling

In-office or online anxiety counselling at Growth Counselling Services will help create some peace and relief with this unsettling life experience.

Depression Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Depression Counselling

Online or in-office depression therapy offers a great deal of useful coping strategies and tools to help you reach your goals in a safe and welcoming environment.

Anger Management Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Anger Management

Our online anger management and in-person counselling  isn’t to prevent feelings of anger. Rather, it is to help people to make alternate choices that are aligned with their values while expressing it in a more healthy manner.

Marriage Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Marriage Counselling

Together, we can guide you and your partner as we explore the nuances of your relationship and what led you to seek out marriage counselling.

Family Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Family Counselling

Family counselling can help provide some perspective on how to approach certain hardships that your family may be facing.

Child and Teen Counselling Services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Child and Teen Counselling

Youth typically endure a wide range of complex emotions. The majority  find it difficult to understand these feelings and that’s where counselling can be helpful.

Advanced brain training services

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

Are you interested in optimizing how your brain functions while increasing it’s resiliency and flexibility? NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback can train your brain.

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