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Anger is a perfectly healthy emotion—it’s true! You may feel anger, frustration, or irritation if someone does something that annoys you or “wrongs” you in some way. Sometimes, you might even be angry at yourself if you do or say something you’re ashamed of or regret. All of these are perfectly natural and normal emotions and experiences. However, the difficulty lies with not the emotion of anger itself, rather it is our responses, behaviour, and/or reactions that lead to difficulties. If anger reaches a point where it is having an impact on your and others’ daily lives, relationships, and functioning, then perhaps it may be time to seek anger related counselling.

Why Do You Need Counselling for Anger Management?

The point of anger management therapy isn’t to prevent feelings of anger. Rather, it is to help people to make alternate choices that are aligned with their values while expressing it in a more healthy and constructive manner. Understanding your anger on a deeper level, why you feel this way, and what may trigger this emotion can help in making more positive choices.

We can help you understand and come to terms with this often very powerful and overwhelming emotion by exploring its roots. The way in which you express your anger is key, and anger management therapy aims to help you find socially and personally suitable methods of doing so.

How to Prepare for Anger Management Counselling

Understanding the purpose of anger management counselling is the most pivotal step to preparing yourself for the journey on which you’re embarking. Try to take everything else that follows in stride and be open-minded.

What to Expect

Anger management treatment requires a lot of hard emotional work and a commitment to the process is important. Trust the process. Trust your therapist and trust that they will take the time to understand your needs and come up with a personalized anger management plan that will work specifically for you. If there’s anything that doesn’t appeal to you throughout the process, your therapist will make sure to keep the lines of communication open in order to provide you with a trusting forum to express your concerns.

Potential Results

Just like any other therapeutic process, anger management isn’t an exact science and there are many moving variables, therefore making it difficult to predict exact results. What you can be sure of, is that you will be provided with a greater understanding of anger as an emotion with respect to you as an individual, and a process that has produced beneficial change for many.

How Growth Counselling Services Can Help.

Growth Counselling Services counsellors are licensed and registered by the appropriate College/regulatory body(s) that ensures you, as the client, are provided with a safe, ethical, and qualified counselling experience. Additionally, assisting you in coming to terms with your experienced difficulties and learning how to express them in a healthy manner that helps you lead a full and values directed life is the goal.

Contact us directly at Growth Counselling Services if you’re interested in learning more about mindful and values-driven living.

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