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We Offer Compassionate Loss and Grief Counselling Services

Grief comes in many forms and there’s no singular definition of what it means to grieve nor is there a set standard for an appropriate way to grieve. Whether you’re grieving the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship (platonic or romantic), or even the loss of the former life you knew, there are ways to cope with this difficult loss.

Given this experienced difficulty in which we all face at some point in our lifetime, Growth Counselling Services offers grief counselling services in Cambridge and Region of Waterloo, Ontario.

Understanding Grief

Any major feeling of loss in your life could be considered grief and the emotions associated with these feelings often overlap with one another. Depression, anxiety, sadness, guilt, frustration, numbness, confusion, and so forth are all valid emotions that you might be feeling during your grieving period, and that’s perfectly NORMAL.

There is no “correct” way to grieve a loss. Everyone does it in their own way and it may take some people much longer than others to go through the grieving process and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What matters, is how you deal with your grief and the degree to which you allow it to impact your life.

At Growth Counselling Services, I can help you find healthy ways of dealing with your grief that are specially tailored for your personal situation.

What Does Grief Counselling Entail?

First, I’ll meet with you for a brief one-on-one or group counselling session (whichever one you prefer). My goal is to get an understanding of the type of grief you’re feeling and where it’s stemming from so that I can work with you to come up with a personalized system of managing it effectively.

It is important to understand that grieving isn’t an overnight solution; it could take months or even years for you to feel like yourself again, but you have to give the process a chance and do your due diligence to make progress. Symptoms of grief aren’t always felt all at once. Sometimes, they develop over time as new emotional responses and triggers. Grief or bereavement therapy can help you better understand and manage these feelings so that they don’t take over your entire life and have an overall impact on your functioning.

Coping With Loss: How Grief Counselling Can Help

Regardless of the type of grief you’re feeling and the emotions that come with it, getting help is the first step to managing your pain and getting your life back on track. Don’t rush yourself into anything, though, if you’re not ready. With a compassionate and mindful ear, I’m here to listen whenever you need someone to talk to and help you understand your grief. You should never let anyone make you feel as if what you’re feeling is invalid or wrong. Everyone grieves in their own way and the process is different for everyone.

We Can Help You

Our counsellors are licensed and registered by the appropriate College/regulatory body(s) that ensures you, as the client, are provided with a safe, ethical, and qualified counselling experience. Additionally, assisting you in coming to terms with your experienced difficulties and learning how to express them in a healthy manner that helps you lead a full and values directed life is the goal.

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We will face this journey together in hopes of discovering the change process that leads to a more full and values directed life.

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