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Child and Teen Counselling Services in Cambridge

Children and teens typically endure a wide range of complex emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, sadness, and other sensations for a number of reasons. The majority of them find it difficult to understand or fully verbalize these feelings and that’s where counselling for children and teens can be especially helpful.

If you notice that your child is exhibiting odd behaviour that’s out of character for them, seeking out professional counselling can help them cope with their emotions and open up about whatever is going on in their lives. As a parent, it’s important that you support your child’s journey to self-actualization and practice a great deal of patience, show kindness, exude positivity, and be compassionate.

Child and Teen Counselling

At Growth Counselling Services, we strive to create a comforting, open, and non-judgmental safe space where your child can freely express themselves. Even if they don’t necessarily feel like talking right away (which is perfectly understandable), we offer various resources and tools to help them understand and communicate their emotions and experiences effectively. Clients receive personalized emotional support and a structural support system to help them come to terms with the internal and external conflicts that are afflicting them. At Growth Counselling Services, we firmly believe that with the right support system, your child’s experienced challenges become more manageable, thus leading to an even stronger bond and relationship.

Child Counselling Therapy

As you can imagine, psychology isn’t always an exact science and each individual and their situation comes with their own unique set of challenges that need to be addressed. Emotional conflicts don’t have an expiry date, which means it can take years before a person feels whole again or gains a sense of clarity in their life; Growth Counselling Services is here to help them achieve just that. Children are very intuitive and intelligent beings, which means they pick up on a lot of things that adults may not realize are within their mental grasp. They may not necessarily comprehend the significance of an impactful event in their lives, but they certainly feel the effects from its presence. Together, we will help your child identify those feelings while working towards better understanding them, where they may come from, and how to respond in a more regulated and accepting way.

Teen Counselling Therapy

Understandably, some of the negative experiences children have can inevitably follow them into their teenaged years and beyond. Difficult emotional and physical experiences (including trauma) can’t always be fully resolved within a given timeframe, but it’s possible to give children and young adults the resources they need to effectively deal with the sensations that are directly related to their experiences. Bullying, anger, identity related challenges, transitional independence, peer relationships and overall confusion are just some of the many experiences your teen may be going through. If willing, Growth Counselling Services believes they can help navigate this influential, yet difficult time of their young lives.

How Growth Counselling Services Can Help.

Growth Counselling Services counsellors are licensed and registered by the appropriate College/regulatory body(s) that ensures you, as the client, are provided with a safe, ethical, and qualified counselling experience. Additionally, assisting you in coming to terms with your experienced difficulties and learning how to express them in a healthy manner that helps you lead a full and values directed life is the goal.

Contact us directly at Growth Counselling Services if you’re interested in learning more about mindful and values-driven living.

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