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Family and Parent Counselling in Cambridge

Parenting presents a great deal of emotional, physical, and mental challenges that can be incredibly difficult to endure. In this day and age, it’s perfectly acceptable and even widely encouraged for parents who are struggling with certain conflicts to ask for help. Family counselling can help provide some perspective on how to approach certain hardships that your family may be facing.

Whether your child is exhibiting behavioural issues, your family is struggling to find stability, you’re dealing with the illness or death of a loved one, or life stressors are impacting one or all of you, we believe we can help you and your family minimize conflict and reconnect via a warm, inviting, understanding, and safe space.

No two families are exactly alike. On the surface, other families might seem like they have a more functional, happy-go-lucky dynamic. Internally, however, that same family could also be struggling to find answers to further build upon their relationships.

Many family relationships are challenged by adversity. Seeking out a qualified family counsellor can help ease the situation and provide you and your family with the proper coping mechanisms to move beyond the challenges that face you.

What Is Family and Parenting Counselling?

It’s perfectly normal for first-time parents to feel like they need a support system as they navigate the ins and outs of raising one or more children. It’s a little known secret that no one actually has any idea what they’re in for or what they’re doing when they have their first child. Every child has unique individual needs and unfortunately, there is no instruction manual.

Sure, you can read a series of parenting books and perhaps pick up a few tips and tricks, however, that doesn’t necessarily equate to putting in the emotional work it takes to be a parent and understanding the unique needs of your family. Through compassionate and empathetic family counselling sessions, we will work with you to better understand the needs of your family and enhance your current knowledge relating to communication that is conducive to positive growth.

Do You Need a Family Counsellor?

If your family is facing struggles that seem unmanageable, we want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I can help you get there. Regardless of what you’re dealing with, we  are confident that we can help you get through it and learn to adjust to your new circumstances. As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to watch your children go through hardships that are outside of your control. Through compassionate family counselling sessions, you can explore solutions to your experienced difficulties regardless of what they may be, while moving toward an even stronger family unit.

How Growth We Can Help.

Growth Counselling Services counsellors are licensed and registered by the appropriate College/regulatory body(s) that ensures you, as the client, are provided with a safe, ethical, and qualified counselling experience. Additionally, assisting you in coming to terms with your experienced difficulties and learning how to express them in a healthy manner that helps you lead a full and values directed life is the goal.

Contact us directly at Growth Counselling Services if you’re interested in learning more about mindful and values-driven living.

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