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Couple and Relationship Counselling in Cambridge, Ontario

Maintaining a healthy, strong, and loving relationship isn’t always easy. There are times when one partner has to bear a greater load than the other in order to make the relationship work. Mounting pressures such as financial troubles, depression, trauma, addiction, and other difficulties can put a great deal of strain on a relationship. Although it’s important to remember that a relationship is supposed to be an equal partnership between two people, it doesn’t always feel that way. As an effective couple and relationship counselling service in Cambridge, Ontario, Growth Counselling Services safely addresses both the individual and mutual distresses that place a considerable strain on a couple’s relationship.

What Is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is a form of therapy that gives a couple the opportunity to openly discuss their problems in a safe, respectful, and judgment-free environment.

Relationship therapy at Growth Counselling Services helps couples discover the underlying emotions and connected behaviour that are contributing to the contention within the relationship. We will work together in resolving these challenges through a therapeutic approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

When Should You and Your Partner Seek Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling should be a mutual decision between you and your partner in an effort to improve your relationship. While it’s perfectly acceptable to suggest couples therapy to your partner, it’s inadvisable to force them to go with you. At the end of the day, even though you’re both in the relationship together, therapy is a personal choice in which each partner chooses to reach out for help as an individual.

You and your partner should ultimately make the decision to seek couples counselling together. Whether you’re facing intimacy issues, financial problems, or constant miscommunication, couples therapy can provide a different and helpful perspective on your relationship, where both partners are heard and understood without judgement.

How Does Couples and Relationship Therapy Work?

Couples therapy works by allowing each person in the relationship to discuss their concerns and dissatisfaction about the relationship in an open and caring environment with a mediator (the counsellor) present. Couples therapy is about embarking on a journey toward understanding one another on a deeper level and the associated feelings that contribute to your experienced challenges. You will be guided in the discovery of your values as individuals and as a couple, thus allowing the two of you to have a continual direction toward what is most important to you.

This process will help you connect with your partner on a much deeper level and define your relationship goals more clearly. Whatever it is you’re working toward—whether it’s greater intimacy with your partner, having children, or helping your partner overcome a difficult time in their lifer—couples counselling can help.

How Growth Counselling Services Can Help.

Growth Counselling Services counsellors are licensed and registered by the appropriate College/regulatory body(s) that ensures you, as the client, are provided with a safe, ethical, and qualified counselling experience. Additionally, assisting you in coming to terms with your experienced difficulties and learning how to express them in a healthy manner that helps you lead a full and values directed life is the goal.

Contact us directly at Growth Counselling Services if you’re interested in learning more about mindful and values-driven living.

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